The Value of Wallcoverings & NSF 342

Specifying third-party certified, sustainable wallcoverings is easier with the WA Sustainability Standard NSF/ANSI 342. The NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability assessment for wallcovering products is the foremost standard for evaluating and certifying the sustainability of wallcovering products across their entire product life cycle.

This national standard was developed by NSF through a consensus-based, public process using a multi-stakeholder group of manufacturers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, customers, end-users, academia, and other industry participants. It establishes a consistent approach to the evaluation and determination of environmentally preferable and sustainable wallcovering manufacturing and distribution processes. This multi-attribute standard includes relevant criteria across the product life cycle, from raw material extraction through manufacturing, distribution, use and end-of-life management.

The WA NSF/ANSI 342 standard evaluates all types of wallcovering products across the entire life cycle from raw material extraction through end of life disposal. The standard allows for transparency into the performance of individual products, their manufacturers and their distributors. It establishes a consistent and comprehensive approach to the evaluation of environmentally preferable and sustainable wallcoverings. This standard will help easily identify wallcoverings that reduce the impact on our environment and help you to make an informed decision in your next project.

Here is an informative video of the Value of Wallcoverings & NSF 342: