KILL VIRUSES & BACTERIA without damaging your walls!

AQUA-CLEAR Topcoat 3.0

In 1994, Denovo Wall introduced a proprietary formulation from a blend of urethane, acrylic and vinyl polymers to seal the surface or our wallcoverings.  The result was Aqua-Clear – a water-based, Teflon-free topcoat with exceptional resistance to abrasion and staining.


The most recent formulation, Aqua-Clear 3.0, was revamped and formulated as an ultra-low emitting, water based protective top coat with enhanced product features such as:

  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to common staining agents
  • Scrubability with commercial cleaning agents
  • Non-yellowing surface

For a list of industrial cleaners that effectively disinfect many Denovo Wall wallcoverings without damage, click here and read our white paper.  We are continuing to test cleaning agents and hope to add more the list very soon.  Stay tuned!