Introducing the Dhani Series – Dhani™, Dhani Geo™, and Dhani Silk™

Dhani Series

You’ll find three times the fun with DeNovo’s newest introductions: Dhani, Dhani Geo & Dhani Silk. The organic design of Dhani uses complementary elements such as satin and matte sheens, light and dark hues, and positive and negative spaces to show how well opposites attract while creating excitement. It’s coordinate, Dhani Geo, provides a surge of energy as it demonstrates geometric layers of motion. The clear contrast between satin and metallic colours makes a bold statement. The basis of Dhani and Dhani Geo can be found with Dhani Silk, a timeless silk with traces of shimmer throughout. The essence of this latest series embraces natural and graphic qualities with a sleek and elegant style creating a timeless look for any project.